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It's been exactly 4 years since my last blog post.
What?! Where has the time gone?!

Life has been busy, and as I look back I'm really sad that writing is one of the things I let fall by the wayside. Lately, the Lord has been stirring in my heart, reawakening dreams and passions that have been buried too long by the "tyranny of the urgent". Writing is one of those things, and this blog in particular. I want to be more intentional with the blog than I was before, although I don't have a really clear picture yet of what that will look like. I'm starting with a simple goal of posting at least once a week!

Reboot: the dictionary definition says "to make a change in (something) in order to establish a new beginning". That sounds about right! The new design is more simple and focused than it used to be, which is indicative of where I want to go with it moving forward.

For this post, let me just give you a snapshot view of my life as it is now (because let&#…
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Hello, blogworld!! Actually...I'm pretty sure my "blog audience" is mostly imaginary, since my last blog post has a whopping 1 page view. But, I am OK with that. Because I was reminded recently, as I typed out a "happy birthday" e-mail to a dear friend, how much I miss just putting thoughts into words via a keyboard. The sound of the keys and seeing the words appear and tweaking them to be just'salmostas inspiring as a blank sheet of paper and cool pens. So maybe I mostly blog for myself.  Or maybe I'm just weird. :)
So I could try to go back and recount life up to this point, but the thought of that is overwhelming and a large part of why I haven't blogged so much in the last couple years. Therefore, I believe I will instead fill everyONE ;) in on my life ...currently.
Currently, I am sitting outside on our steps, enjoying some gorgeous 91 degree weather (for real, it's beautiful), a gentle breeze, birds chirping, the quiet company of my d…

Wonderful Works

"Wonderful are Your works; my soul knows it very well." (Psalm 139:14)
My soul knows, with greatest certainty, that His works are wonderful. Knows it because I have seen it,
experienced it,  tasted it,  walked in it,  lived it.
But what about when I can't see it?

What about the times when my soul is dry and thirsty, my heart fragile and broken and longing for something more?

His works are still wonderful.
When life is hard -- His works are wonderful.

When the way seems long -- His works are wonderful.

When life is not turning out the way I expected -- His works are wonderful.

When teenagers die and we at House of Faith have to walk through that valley with the families and other students and we are surrounded by pain and grief and questions with no answers...His works are wonderful.

So when I don't see it, feel it, taste it --the truth doesn't change.
I just have to remind myself of it, rehearse it over and over until it is thoroughly, permanently, inerasably embedde…

Fear Not

Fear not.

Because GodAlmighty--
       the One who created the universe?
       the One whom victory meets at every step?

Yeah, He walks with you.
               He carries you,
                    He has chosen you,
                         He holds your hand,
                              He is your Redeemer.

Fear not.

(Isaiah 41, summarized and paraphrased :) )

This Given Life

"The given life"...I'm not sure who coined that phrase, but I'm quite sure it wasn't me. :) Hudson Taylor called it "the exchanged life", A.W. Tozer called it "the crucified life"'s entirely possible that Eric Ludy is the first person I heard call it "the given life", but I don't really think he came up with the name, either. Regardless of its origin, it's a descriptive name I am coming to love more and more for the life I live.
Jonathan Edwards said, "I have been this day before God, and have given myself, all that I am and all that I have, to God; so that I am in no respect my own. I claim no right to myself, no right to this understanding, this will, these affections that are in me. Neither do I have any right to this body or its members, no right to this tongue, to these hands, feet, ears or eyes. I have given myself clear away and not retained anything of my own." "I have given myself clear away.&qu…

It's Love

Hello, people! :) So, a friend recently mentioned my blog and I had an "oh, yeah" moment--like, "oh, yeah, I have one of those!" Then I got on to see when I'd last posted and realized it was a little over a year and a half ago. Wow, sorry, y'all!!

I'm working on learning to be more intentional with life, not letting my time and energy be so much controlled by "the tyranny of the urgent". I'm still definitely a work in progress!! But one of the things on my "live life on purpose" list is blogging, so I'll try to be more consistent with this!

For tonight, I'm just going to post something I wrote a while back. I've been, in various ways, a part of House of Faith for nearly 3 years now, but it feels somehow like I've always been there. :) One of my favorite things about HOF is the opportunity to be involved in TWO of the Backyard Bible Clubs, where we take Jesus into the yards of the elementary schools and the lives o…

This is my life...